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Welcome to the revitalized QWAFAFEW chapter in Washington, DC.

QWAFAFEW is an informal organization of quantitatively oriented professionals in various aspects of financial services (primarily investment management). The group was formed a number of years ago to provide a venue for quantitative researchers to discuss their evolving work with peers. As the field has become more “main stream” our membership has also broadened. Our membership includes a wide variety of interests and levels of responsibility. The members span the gamut from owners and senior executives of investment related organizations to recent entrants to the industry. Most attendees have some technical training beyond the M.B.A. level, and many have Ph.D.s All share a common interest in quantitative solutions to understanding investment markets.

QWAFAFEW meetings are somewhat informal with a mix of social and intellectual content. Presentations are expected to be interactive (after a reserved period of at least 5 to 10 minutes for the speaker to present foundation material). Sometimes the interaction requires a kick-start. Typically, in keeping with the informal nature of the group, speakers use hand-outs in addition to projection devices. Speakers who make materials available in electronic form for posting on the QWAFAFEW web site well before the meeting can expect at least half of the attendees to print out copies for use at the meeting.

The quarterly meetings will generally be held on the second Tuesday of the last month in the quarter unless there is a conflict with a local event.  Meetings will start at 5:30 pm and will allow for at least 15 minutes to chat before the speaker begins.

Fees: We do not require annual dues but there is a fee for meetings.

Payment for meetings: Click Here

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